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Carbon & Budro litter

born 12.30.23

Looking for a new furry friend? Our beautiful litter of silver and charcoal puppies might just be what you're looking for! They had 2 male and 3 female charcoal puppies, as well as 2 male and 2 female silver puppies. Check list below and see what is still available! 

They'll be ready to go home at 7 weeks old,

and are priced at $1250 with a $250 deposit.

Don't forget to check out the BAXTER&Bella video on getting ready for a new puppy - it's a great resource!


Pickup Day 2.17.24
Deposit list


  1. ​Sold Moore 10:30

  2. Sold Ridling 1:00




  1. Sold Dsouza 12:30

  2. Sold Blackaby 2:30



  1. ​Sold Appell 11:00

  2. Sold Wandsneider 11:30

  3. available 3:00



  1. Sold Wright  12:00

  2. Sold Washam  1:30

Meet The Pups
photos updated 2.6.24
Please confirm you time slot, and make sure you have food ordered! See you then! 

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