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About Us

We have 15 years of experience in raising Labrador puppies. We aim to produce high-quality, well-rounded Labrador puppies that are ready for family life. Our puppies are registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC) and sold with limited registration. Full registration can be added for a fee when you purchase the puppy or anytime in the future. We have spent years carefully selecting Labradors to bring into our breeding program, which suggests a focus on genetics and breed standard. Puppies receive daily personal attention and are introduced to various sounds and environments to ensure they are well-socialized. We take steps to ensure the health of your puppies, including worming medication, and first shots at 6 weeks. Puppies are kept in a heated and cooled building near our home, and we have video monitoring to keep an eye on them. Puppies are trained to use a doggie door to go outside for potty training, which can be helpful for new owners. We maintain a clean environment for the puppies, which is important for their health and well-being. Puppies will not suffer from several hereditary conditions, indicating that you prioritize the health of your breeding dogs.

Meet the Team


We have a well-established and responsible Labrador breeding program. Our commitment to the health and well-being of our puppies is evident through the steps we have outlined. 


Three day guarantee

  • The puppy is guaranteed to be in good health at the time of purchase.

  • The buyer has 72 hours from the day of purchase to have the puppy checked by a licensed veterinarian.

  • If the puppy dies within this time frame due to a hereditary condition (excluding parasites or bacteria), the buyer can return the AKC papers, and the breeder will provide a replacement puppy or a refund at the breeder's discretion, with a letter from the examining veterinarian as proof.

  • Exchanges must be made within the three-day guarantee period.


No Monetary Refund:

  • The seller assumes no responsibility after the puppy leaves the premises for various reasons, including medical expenses, allergies, behavioral issues, mistreatment, accidents, etc.

  • No monetary refunds will be given for these reasons.

  • No monetary refunds are given for any expenses incurred by the buyer.

  • No warranties or representations have been made about the dog except as written in this agreement.


Hip Dysplasia Guarantee:

  • The puppy is guaranteed against severe crippling hip dysplasia until 2 years of age provided the buyer continues to use NuVet hip and joint vitamins.

  • If hip dysplasia is diagnosed, the buyer must provide x-rays, an OFA Preliminary Report, and other documentation within the first year of the dog's life.

  • If the required documentation is not provided or if the dog is over 12 months old when diagnosed, no guarantee is made for a replacement puppy or refund.

  • The buyer must also provide evidence that the puppy has not been overweight, injured, overstressed, over-exercised, bred (in the case of females), or had any other issues that may have contributed to dysplasia.

  • A timeline of the puppy's growth and receipts for quality large breed puppy food are required.

  • The breeder may request to speak with the veterinarian and requires proof of spaying/neutering.

  • Replacement puppies will be of equal value, and a one-time replacement contract must be signed.

  • A one-year guarantee is provided for other life-threatening illnesses but does not cover incurred vet expenses.

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