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Puppy Reservation and Pricing Information


  • Deposits: A deposit of $100-250 is required to reserve a puppy. Deposits are non-refundable but can be moved to another litter if requested before the puppies are 4 weeks old.

  • Puppy Prices:

    • ​Silver, Charcoal, Champagne, and white: $1250- $1550 for limited registration (pet price without breeding rights).

    • Yellow, Black, & chocolate: $1050 with a $150 deposit.

    • Full Registration: $2050 for Silver, Charcoal, Champagne, Chocolate, Yellow, and Black with no breeding restrictions.

    • Full Registration for White Puppies: $3050 with no breeding restrictions.

  • What is Limited Registration?

    • Limited registration is for pet owners who have no interest in breeding puppies. If you choose limited registration, you won't be able to register any puppies you might raise with AKC.

  • Important Deposit Information

    • Your deposit is a commitment and is non-refundable. It secures your place in the picking order.

    • Deposits can only be moved to another litter if the request is made before the puppies reach 4 weeks of age. After 4 weeks, the deposit is forfeited.

    • If paying the deposit through PayPal, it's $150 +3%.

    • If sending a check, make it payable to Kelli Clark for $150. please don't send a check 

    • You must choose a specific gender and color when making a deposit. You can switch these preferences, but only behind other depositors on the list.

    • In cases where the desired gender and color are not available due to factors beyond control (e.g., mother nature), you will be moved to another litter or offered an alternative puppy.


  • Additional Information

    • The order in which you pick a puppy doesn't impact the quality of your puppy. What matters more is the time and care you invest in your pup after bringing them home.

    • The breeder reserves the right to make certain puppies unavailable for sale to the public and can refuse to sell a puppy, in which case your deposit will be refunded.

    • Picking a puppy is based on a predetermined schedule after the puppies are born. Please ensure the breeder has accurate contact information to reach you.


  • Payment and Pickup

    • A $150-$250 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a puppy. The remaining balance is due in cash when you pick up your puppy, typically by 7 weeks of age.

    • If the puppy is being shipped, final payment options will be provided on the breeder's website at 7 weeks

    • Puppies are typically chosen between 4-6 weeks of age.


  • Communication and Deposit Transfers

    • If the breeder cannot reach you to pick a puppy, you may lose your spot. Ensure you provide multiple contact numbers and emails.

    • If you decide you cannot get a puppy after making a reservation, inform the breeder before the puppies are 4 weeks old to transfer your deposit to a different litter. A $200 added deposit will apply for this deposit transfer.

    • Deposits will be held for a year, but it's your responsibility to keep track of upcoming litters. Your placement in the picking order is not guaranteed if you wait too long.

    • If the breeder does not have the desired color and has no future plans for it, your deposit may be transferred to another trusted breeder, with your consent.

  • Payment Methods

    • You can pay the deposit by check (with a 3 to 5 business day hold), PayPal, or credit card (with a 4% fee).Weekly puppy pictures will be posted, and puppies must be chosen at 7 weeks in the order of deposit receipt.


Please note: Cash is the only accepted payment method when picking up your puppy.

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