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Available puppies as of 2.11.21

 1 chocolate female (Caroline)
3 charcoal females (Carbon)

We have silver, charcoal and white on the way!

Now accepting Apple Pay, Venmo, and Cash app for your convenience!
Please make sure to send the correct amount and add information on what puppy you would like to place a deposit. The QR codes can be scanned from each app with your phone if you are on a desktop, or I can send the QR code to your number.


Cash App

Please only fill out deposit form if you are placing a deposit. Everyone placing a deposits needs to fill out the form for the deposit to be placed on the correct puppy.

Caroline and Moose had their beautiful chocolate labrador puppies 1.30.21.  They had 6 females and 4 males. $1550. They will be ready 3.20.21. I will post new pictures when this snowstorm passes. THIS LITTER IS SOLD

 Chocolate female
1.Tanner sold 6.26        10:00
2.Crockett sold 12/17     11:00

3.Chithari sold 1.6        12:00
4. Yarema sold 2/6        1:30
5.  Banks    sold 2/7      2:00
6. available
Chocolate male
1. Curtner sold 9/30    10:30
2. Richards  sold         11:30
3. Hollandsworth 2/6   12:30 
4. Johns 2/17                 2:15

Carbon and Beckham have glitter on the way of silver and charcoal. I counted about 7-8 on the ultrasoundShe is due middle of Feb. 2021. The deposit is $350 and they are $1550 total. 

Silver female
1st pick SOLD Keating
2nd pick SOLD Casey
Charcoal female
1st pick available
2nd pick available 
3rd pick available 

Silver male
1st pick sold Huskey
2nd pick Sold Burnand
Charcoal male
1st pick SOLD Risk 

Halo and Beckham have a litter of silver labrador puppies on the way. I will confirm pregnant when she is 30 days. Pregnancy is confirmed!

Silver female
1st pick Searcy
2nd pick Rigney

Silver male
1st pick SOLD Felt

Biscuit and Kilo have a litter of white on the way due first of March 
1st pick female sold Hogarth

1st pick sold Hogarth


Aspen and Kilo have a litter on the way due around March 31.

1st pick female sold
2nd pick female sold 

We also have Cavalier King Charles Spaniels on the way. click the link to go to the website.

Please fill out the form below, it has information I need and information you need when getting one of our puppies. Please only fill out the deposit form if you have placed a deposit 

Thank you for picking Arkansas Labs to be a part of your family!
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We have teamed up with BAXTER&Bella to help families have a better puppy experience. 
Use code:ARKANSASLABS for 25% off. Click the link below for video on how they will help.

**Deposits are filled by the order they are received. If you want to be on a certain litter or first available please let me know. Some deposits are placed without them reaching out first so listed beside your name is the date and sometimes times that the deposits are placed to help you better understand the order you are in. I try and keep my website updated with the latest information.
*Microchips are $20. That covers the chip and its registration. There are too many people not registering their chip on their own. If you refuse a chip your guarantee will not be valid. The chip is there to identify that it is in fact an Arkansas Labs puppy and match my records.

*For the health and safety of my puppies I will not allow people come out until day of pick-up. There are so many things that can be brought in that could harm the puppies. Please know this is to help insure everyone gets a healthy puppy

* Your DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE only moveable to another litter. NO EXPEPTIONS, and only if it is done before 4 weeks of ageAfter 4 weeks old and you decide not to get the puppy you have broken the contract and will lose your deposit.

*Please understand I can only estimates the arrival of puppies when they are just bred. I will never make a promise for you to have a puppy by a certain date if they are not bred yet. Once they are bred I can give you an estimated due date, and also an estimated date of when they will be going home. It is 16 weeks from the week they are bred to the week they can go home, 9 weeks of gestation & 7 weeks old when they go home. There may be times they have to stay a little longer than 7 weeks, if the litter is big (9-12). If a momma has a smaller litter of  1-6 puppies and born later in the week(Thursday or Friday)
I will pick the closest weekend. I would also never send a puppy home who I felt was not ready. Every dates are subject to change but I will do my best to keep the set dates. If you can't be here at the scheduled pickup day puppy picks will need to be made by photos.  
Thanks you,
Kelli Clark

This is not my address
If you are from out of town the Holiday Inn Express is 7ish miles away. Ask for the Arkansas Labs rate and you can get a room for $84 plus tax. 
Have them check the binder not their system.
Holiday Inn Express
4900 Talley Rd Little Rock Ar 72204