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You are welcome to txt me for a faster response. Below I have listed the litters that are planned for late summer into fall.
Thank you
Kelli Clark
Little Rock, Ar

Due to high demand of our puppies we are selling from our deposit list only. I do not have anything available to go right now. You can place a deposit on one of the buttons below. We will continue to have litters of every color throughout 2020.  We will have chocolate, black, silver, charcoal, champagne yellow and white

We now have Cavalier King Charles Spaniels on the way click the link to go to the website

We have teamed up with BAXTER&Bella to help families have a better puppy experience. 
Use code:ARKANSASLABS for 25% off. Click the link below for video on how they will help.

Biscuit and Tundra had their babies! We have 11 gorgeous puppies. Pick-up will be October 24, 2020. Pick-up time is by your name. Puppies are $1850 for pet homes Breeding rights on all whites are $3050. Both parents have champions in their pedigree I'll share Links where you can look them up. Cash only due at pick-up 
4 females and 6 males:

2 males available

1st pick SOLD Winsor 7/27  10:30
2nd pick SOLD Buffalo 8/7  11:30
3rd pick SOLD Busby   12:00
4th pick SOLD Jordan   1:00

1st pick SOLD McMrayer 8/21  10:00
2nd pick SOLD Jayaraj 9/5      11:00
3rd pick SOLD King 9/6          12:30
4th pick SOLD Warren 9/12    1:30

5th pick --------->

6th pick available

Aspen and Cam both have a champion pedigree. They had their puppies on Sept 8. We only have 4 males unfortunately for the females on this litter we will have to move to a different litter. There are still some puppies available on Biscuits litter and I saw a female from Biscuit and Tundras last litter and she was about 55-60 lbs. So still in range for the people wanting smaller girls. Pickup is Oct 24.Males are $1850 for Pet.
Cash only due at pick-up  


1st pick SOLD Baumgartner 8/13    10:30
2nd pick SOLD Self 9/30               11:00
3rd pick SOLD Thakar 10/15           2:00
4th pick SOLD Guan

Charlie and Tundra had a healthy beautiful litter of white babies 9.10.20  Ready Oct 31.. Charlie is a pup that was born here she is a Denali and Cash daughter. I'll post their pedigrees below She had 5 girls and 4 boys. Just like my other white dogs both parents have champion pedigrees and clear on genetic testing. You can keep on clicking on dogs and the end of the 5 generation pedigrees and the champions keep going and going...... Pet prices are $1850, contact me for breeding right's.

2 males available 

1st pick SOLD   Ar Labs
2nd pick SOLD Herrington  10:00
3rd pick SOLD Trost     11:00
4th pick SOLD Guan     12:00

1st pick Sold
2nd pick sold 
3rd pick sold   

4th pick available 1:00

Stell        11:30

Angel and Tundra will have the last set of white. These puppies will be very big. They are both very big dogs. Angel puppies were born Sept 18,2020. Don't forget to order your food.
They will be ready to go Nov. 7th puppies are $1850. Cash only on pickup


1st pick SOLD Ar. Labs
2nd pick SOLD Sullivan       10:30
3rd pick sold Feliciano          11:30
4th pick Sold Feliciano

5th pick available

6th pick available     2:00
7th pick available      3:00

1st pick sold Alvarado 3/19       10:00
2nd pick SOLD Osuna 10/10     11:00
3rd pick SOLD  Oulch 10/15      12:00

4th pick available 1:30 

5th pick                       2:30

Litters on the way

Whiskey and Cam will have a light yellow litter. They are tons of champions on both ides. People have loved their Whiskey puppies. They are $1250.  Whiskey is due October 28, 2020.  Pregnancy is Confirmed 9/23/20

1st pick SOLD Wright 7.29
2nd pick SOLD Kirby 8.21
3rd pick SOLD Gurkin

1st pick Nanda

Lemon and Cam. This will be an all yellow litter with black noses.They will be eeDdBb or eeDdBB champion pedigree. $1250 deposits are $250.
Pregnancy is  Confirmed Can't wait to see these babies.
She is Due 11/11/20 they will be ready Christmas time.

1st & 2nd pick Ar Labs
1st pick available 

Vail and Moxon will have a chocolate and silver litter. Vail is also a Koda daughter. Moxon has a champion pedigree and excellent hips. Chocolate and silver of this litter will be $1250. Vail is due Nov.1. Pregnancy Confirmed


1st pick Tanner

1st pick Joiner 7.21
2nd Gunter 8.21
3rd Tanner


1st pick Cullison 6/7/20
2nd pick Gable 9/17/20 
3rd pick Brighton 9/27/20
Reed 6/10/20

1st pick SOLD l.Smith

 Lists from Mia/Moxon and Halo/Beckham's litter that will get next available. Please know I'm doing everything to get you the puppies you are waiting for 

List from Halo
Female silver

1st pick J. Smith 6/18
Joiner 7/21

2nd pick Snead 8/16
3rd pick Dunbar 6.16
4th pick Searcy

Mia or Halo
Silver males

Biemacher 9/25 
Juneau 10/1 

Female silver

1st pick Searcy
2nd pick Joiner 7/21

Chocolate males
Reed 6/10/20
Connell 7.27
Brighton 8.4 

Onyx and Wes will have a little of black, chocolate, silver and charcoal $1250.  Pregnancy Confirmed and there are lots of babies 
She is due 11/11/20 puppies ready around Christmas time.

1st Restovich 5.19
2nd pick Scott
3rd pick L.Smith
chocolate Holland 6/21
2nd pick Tanner or 1st pick silver
3rd pick Reed 6/10/20

2nd pick silver Gunter

Jules and Wes are expecting a litter of silver and charcoal due. Nov 28.
This will be a charcoal and silver litter Pregnancy confirmed!

Brooke and Moxon have a litter on the way. She is Due Nov. 29. They will have chocolate and silver. This is a repeat breeding! They had 11 puppies last time. I'll post some puppies from their last litter. Silver's and chocolates are $1250 deposits are $250 

chocolate Reed 6/10
chocolate Curtner 9/30

Deposits are filled by the order they are received. If you want to be on a certain litter or first available please let me know. Some deposits are placed without them reaching out first so listed beside your name is the date and sometimes times that the deposits are placed to help you better understand the order you are in. I try and keep my website updated with the latest information. 

$150 deposits for standard colors

$250 deposits for dilutes, white and champion bloodline

Every puppy will be microchipped at 6 weeks..  The deposit are $250. You will need to register the microchip within 30 day WITH AKC ReUNITE. This will help insure the safety of your new puppy!

For the health and safety of my puppies I will not allow people come out until day of pick-up. There are so many things that can be brought in that could harm the puppies. Please know this is to help insure everyone gets a healthy puppy

* Your DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE only moveable to another litter. NO EXPEPTIONS, and only if it is done before 4 weeks of ageAfter 4 weeks old and you decide not to get the puppy you have broken the contract and will lose your deposit. 

Please understand these are just estimates of when puppies will be here. I will never make a promise to have you a puppy by a certain date if they are not bred yet. Once they are bred I can give you an accurate due date, also when they will be going home. It is 16 weeks from the week they are bred to the week they can go home, 9 weeks of gestation & 7 weeks old when they go home.
Deposits can be moved to another litter if the timing is not going to work out. That is before puppies turn 4 weeks old. I'm more than willing to work with you to make sure the timing is right for your family to have one of my puppies. 
I am now able to confirm pregnancies after 30 days with my ultrasound machine. 
Kelli Clark

If you are from out of town Holiday Inn Express is 7ish miles away. Ask for the Arkansas Labs rate and you can get a room for $84 plus tax. 
Have them check the binder not the system.
Holiday Inn Express
4900 Talley Rd Little Rock Ar 72204