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Call or text 501.584.4693

Due to high demand of our puppies we are selling from our deposit list only. I do not have anything available to go right now. You can place a deposit on one of the buttons below. We will continue to have litters of every color throughout 2020.  We will have chocolate, black, silver, charcoal, champagne yellow and white

All puppies are sold  8.3.20. But you are welcome to check out our puppies in the litters below. They are so cute!

Skye/Beckham: ALL SOLD
born 6.20.20 ready 8.8.20

We have teamed up with BAXTER&Bella to help families have a better puppy experience. 
Use code:ARKANSASLABS for 25% off. Click the link below for video on how they will help.

You are welcome to txt me for a faster response. Below I have listed the litters that are planned for late summer into fall.
Thank you
Kelli Clark
Little Rock, Ar

We now have Cavalier King Charles Spaniels on the way click the link to go to the website

Skye and Beckham had their puppies on June 20th all silver litter. Skye always has beautiful babies. She is due 6.21.20. I counted 7-8 puppies on the ultrasound. Deposits will be filled in the order of time placed. If there are not enough puppies you will roll over to the next litter in the same order.  Puppies are born we have 5 females 2 males. Pick-up date will be 8.8.20

1st pick SOLD Essman                     10:00
2nd pick SOLD Estlund 6.9              11:00
3rd pick SOLD  Brennan 6.11            12:00
4th pick SOLD Potter 6.13 1.36pm     12:30
5th pick SOLD or male Reilly           1:00
6.13 6:36pm


1st pick SOLD Charlton 4/29  10:30
2nd pick SOLD Trusty 5/18     11:30



Oakley/Beckham hopefully have a litter on the way. They will have a litter of chocolate and silver. I will be able to confirm it at 30 days. I'm about 90% sure I'm seeing babies it's a little early but I know some were bummed they didn't get puppies before. She is only about 18days. I can get a much better look when she is closer to 30 days. But that is what you are looking for a black spot with a tiny white spot (puppy!) She's definitely pregnant and getting bigger! 


Hopefully the beginning of babies!


1st pick sold Reed
2nd pick sold Holland 6.21
3rd pick or silver, Poteet 6.23
4th pick Gurkin 7.6
Brighton 8/4

Females chocolate
1st pending sold
2nd pick SOLD Tanner  

1st pick L.Smith 

2nd pick sold Dunbar or 1st pick female
Brighton 8/4

Caroline and Wes should have a litter due middle Aug. This is Wes's first litter. They will have silver, charcoal, and champagne. Caroline is a Oakley and Hercules pup and Wes is a Koda and Kimber puppy. Super excited to see what these will look like!

update: 7.13.20 I'm not sure she's pregnant. Still a litter early. 
update:7.20.20 It was early!  She is definitely pregnant too! So excited I can't wait these babies!

Silver female
1st pick SOLD A. Searcy
Joiner SOLD
Charcoal female
1st pick SOLD Hurley
Champagne male
Champagne female

Charcoal males
1st pick
 SOLD Scott
2nd pick SOLD Restovich
Brighton or silver 8/4
Silver males
1st pick SOLD L.Smith 6/1


We have Biscuit and Tundra puppies on the way. Due 9.8.20
Aspen and Cam white puppies on the way. They are due 9.10.20

Charlie and Tundra have white puppies on the way due 9.14.20
Angel and Tundra white puppies on the way due 9.17.20. We are going to be so busy with these white babies :)

Planned Litters late Summer Fall
Biscuit/Tundra : all white. 1st & 2nd pick female Ar Labs
Vail/Kilo: all white 1st pick male sold Rousselle
Aspen/Cam: all white 1st pick female sold Rousselle, 2nd pick female Busby, 3rd pick Buffalo
Halo/Beckham: all silver,  
Whiskey/Cam: all yellow champion bloodline both sides,
1st pick female sold Wright, 1st pick male sold  

Kimber/Beckham: black ,charcoal, chocolate, and silver.
Onyx/Wes: black, charcoal, silver, chocolate. Charcoal male sold Sullivan  

Deposits are filled by the order they are received. If you want to be on a certain litter or first available please let me know. Some deposits are placed without them reaching out first so listed beside your name is the date and sometimes times that the deposits are placed to help you better understand the order you are in. I try and keep my website updated with the latest information. 

$150 deposits for standard colors

$250 deposits for dilutes, white and champion bloodline

 Deposits can be placed at any time


1st pick charcoal Hurley,
1st pick white sold Rousselle

 1st pick yellow female from Whiskey.. Busby 5/4
1st pick black(fall Kimber to Onyx) Cullison 6./7
1st pick silver female from Halo/Beckham J.Smith 6/18
LJoiner 7/22
white Winsor 7/27

1st pick charcoal male SOLD Scott
2nd pick charcoal SOLD Restovich
1st pick white male SOLD Rousselle
2nd pick white SOLD Alvarado(Angel/Tundra)
1st pick chocolate (fall Kimber or Onyx)Cullison
1st pick silver male L.Smith 6/1
white, silver chocolate S.Mills 6.24
chocolate male Connell/Tinsley 7/27
silver, charcoal,chocolate. Brighton 8/4


Every puppy will be microchipped at 6 weeks..  The deposit is $150 or $250. You will need to register the microchip within 30 day WITH AKC ReUNITE. This will help insure the safety of your new puppy!

For the health and safety of my puppies I will not allow people come out until day of pick-up. There are so many things that can be brought in that could harm the puppies. Please know this is to help insure everyone gets a healthy puppy

* Your DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE only moveable to another litter. NO EXPEPTIONS, and only if it is done before 4 weeks of ageAfter 4 weeks old and you decide not to get the puppy you have broken the contract and will lose your deposit. 

Please understand these are just estimates of when puppies will be here. I will never make a promise to have you a puppy by a certain date if they are not bred yet. Once they are bred I can give you an accurate due date, also when they will be going home. It is 16 weeks from the week they are bred to the week they can go home, 9 weeks of gestation & 7 weeks old when they go home.
Deposits can be moved to another litter if the timing is not going to work out. That is before puppies turn 4 weeks old. I'm more than willing to work with you to make sure the timing is right for your family to have one of my puppies. 
I am now able to confirm pregnancies after 30 days with my ultrasound machine. 
Kelli Clark

If you are from out of town Holiday Inn Express is 7ish miles away. Ask for the Arkansas Labs rate and you can get a room for $84 plus tax. 
Have them check the binder not the system.
Holiday Inn Express
4900 Talley Rd Little Rock Ar 72204