Arkansas Labs

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We have beautiful AKC labrador puppies of every shade. 
We have white, black, charcoal, chocolate, champagne, and silver labrador puppies 
 This site is updated with the latest photos and the list of who is available. Photos are taken weekly and posted as soon as possible. 
Little Rock, Ar

Available puppies  12.11.2018
1 charcoal males
2 silver males
4 silver females

Every puppy will be microchipped at 6 weeks. The fee is now included in the deposit.  The deposit is $335. $300 goes towards the puppy and $35 is for the microchip and its registration. It will be registered in your name after you pick up your puppy. This will help insure the safety of your new puppy!

For the health and safety of my puppies I will not allow people come out until day of pick-up. There are so many things that can be brought in that could harm the puppies. Please know this is to help insure everyone gets a healthy puppy.

 Deposits are non-refundable only movable before 4 weeks of age.
Cash only on pickup day & please only arrive at your time slot 

Mira and Koda had puppies Thanksgiving Day. They had 2 charcoal males, 4 silver males and a champagne male, 2 champagne females, and a charcoal female. They will be ready to go right after Christmas on Jan 12, 2019  

Pickup day is Jan 12, 2019. Please be here or make your pick by the schedules time.

charcoal  sold Smith   12:30
1st pick Sold
2nd pickSOLD Geathouse   1:30  

1st pick SOLD Littlefield     10:00
2nd pick SOLD Collier        11:00
3rd pick SOLD Langhorn     12:00
4th pick SOLD Goff            1:00
1st pick open                       10:30
2nd pick open                     11:30
1st pick SOLD

Denali and Cash had their beautiful white puppies. They are all sold. Pickup day is Jan.19, 2019. Your scheduled time is by your name. 

1st pick female SOLD Ar Labs
2nd pick female SOLD Hightower  10:00
1st Pick SOLD male Patel                  10:30
2nd pick SOLD Cummins LA            11:00
3rd pick SOLD Reith                            11:30
4th pick SOLD Roberts                      12:00

Brooke and Dresden had beautiful silver labrador puppies. Brooke has smart puppies that are natural hunters. She had 5 females and 3 males. Pickup day will be 1.26.19

1st pick SOLD Goff  10:30
2nd pick open         11:30
3rd pick open          12:30

1st pick SOLD Kirkendoll     10:00
2nd pick open    11:00
3rd pick open    12:00
4th pick open    1:00
5th pick open     1:30

Skye and Moose will have chocolate puppies round New Year's. This is my first litter with Moose they will be so beautiful. Everyone has loved Skye puppies. Very smart and a natural hunter. 

1st pick male sold Pouncy Ar

Aspen and Cash will have a beautiful white litter soon. I'll keep you updated on dates.
1st pick SOLD
2nd pick SOLD Burch

                                          *******Planned litters for 2019***********
Please understand these are just estimates of when puppies will be here. I will never make a promise to have you a puppy by a certain date if they are not bred yet. Once they are bred I can give you an accurate due date and also when they will be going home. It is 16 weeks from the week they are bred to the week they can go home, 9 weeks of gestation & 7 weeks old when they go home.
Deposits can be moved to another litter if the timing is not going to work out. That is before puppies turn 4 weeks old. I'm more than willing to work with you to make sure the timing is right for your family to have one of my puppies. 
Kelli Clark
Shade/Hercules silver charcoal due 1.23.19 due
Biscuit/Denver all white early spring
Onyx/Koda: silver chocolate black charcoal. Silver male sold Monn
Oakley/ Hercules: chocolate  silver   1st pick chocolate or female SOLD
Due 2.9-13.2019

Annie/Moose: chocolate yellow chocolate male sold

* Your DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE only moveable to another litter. NO EXPEPTIONS. And only if it is done before 4 weeks of ageAfter 4 weeks old and you decide not to get the puppy you have broken the contract and will lose your deposit. You are welcome to come out in person so see the puppies if you are not sure. I promise to be fair and make sure you have the perfect baby!

If you are from out of town Holiday Inn Express is 7ish miles away ask for the Arkansas Labs rate and you can get a room for $84 plus tax
Holiday Inn Express
4900 Talley Rd Little Rock Ar 72204