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Please make sure to send the correct amount and add information on what puppy you would like to place a deposit. The QR codes can be scanned from each app with your phone if you are on a desktop, or I can send the QR code to your number.


Cash App

Please only fill out deposit form if you are placing a deposit. Everyone placing a deposits needs to fill out the form for the deposit to be placed on the correct puppy.

Available puppies as of 10.10.21

Whiskey: 1 yellow female, 1 yellow male
 LeiaFemales 2 charcoal  Male, 1 charcoal, 1 yellow, 1 white & 2 black
Oakley: Females 1 chocolate, 1 white Males 1 white
Yeti: Males 2 black , 2 chocolate 
Carbon: Females 3 silver, Males 3 charcoal

We have several litter on the way to end out the year 2021. 

Koda and Shadow: charcoal, black, champagne, yellow, white
Tundra and Onyx: black
Beck and Mia: silver
Beck and Carbon: silver and charcoal

charcoal/silver male sold Short closer to Christmas

Whiskey and Tundra had a wonderful litter of 10. 5 boys and 5 girls. They are already chunky and have very nice heads like their dad. Both side of their pedigree's are jam packed full of Champions. This is a repeat breeding. I plan on keeping 2 of the girls.  The puppies were so calm and sweet and just gorgeous. $1250

These are 2 of the boys from their last litter.  
We have 1 male available 

Silver males sold
1st pick Feliciano 5.7.21 asked for Caroline's litter
1st pick Randolph 6.3.21 Leia's litter( was not a silver but a very very light charcoal and moved to Oakley's litter)
2nd pick Wooten 6.11.21  Oakley's litter
3rd pick Dyer... Oakley and Koda  6.25 Oakley's litter

Leia and Wes had their puppies on 9.3.21. They will be ready 10.23.21. They had 2 charcoal and 2 yellow/champagne males, and 3 charcoal females.
They are $1550  


1st pick charcoal SOLD Branch
2nd pick charcoal available 
3rd pick charcoal available 

Deposit is $350
Venmo is @Arkansaslabs
CashApp is $Arlabs

1st pick Sold Knickmeier
2nd pick available
1st pick available
2nd pick available
1st pick available
2nd pick available

Oakley and Koda had 8 beautiful babies born 9.1.21.  We have 2 chocolate, 1 white champagne or sf female, 3 silver males, and 2 champagne or sf yellow/white males. Deposit is $350 and they are $1550. They will be ready 10.30.21


Deposit is $350
Venmo is @Arkansaslabs
CashApp is $Arlabs

1st pick SOLD Long    11:30
2nd pick chocolate.   12:30 
white                       1:00

1st pick male Randolph      10:30
2nd pick silver  Wooten       11:00

3rd pick silver   Dyer    12:00

yellow male SOLD Butcher           1:30
white male             2:00

Yeti(white) and Teddy(chocolate champion bloodline) have 3 chocolate males, 2 black males, and 2 black females. They will be ready Oct 24th.
Deposit are $250 pet price is $1250

1st pick available
2nd pick available
1st pick sold Chin
2nd pick available
3rd pick available 

1st pick SOLD Harris
2nd pick SOLD Harris

Carbon and Beck had puppies 9.19.21. Ready Nov 6th. They had 1 silver, and 5 charcoal males and 3 silver females. They are $1550 pet price. 

1st pick available
2nd pick available 
3rd pick available 

1st pick sold Westwood
2nd pick sold Anders
3rd pick available
4th pick available
5th pick available
silver sold Ozuna

Koda and Shadow can have black, charcoal, and all shades yellow. Due 10.20.21
1st pick charcoal female sold.  They are $1550 We have 4 charcoal females, 2 charcoal males, 1 white male and 2 black males.  Deposits are $350 Venmo Cashapp, or PayPal 

We also breed Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. I think we have the best family dogs in both of these breeds. 

Please fill out the form below, it has information I need and information you need when getting one of our puppies. Please fill out the deposit form only if you have already placed a deposit 

Thank you for picking Arkansas Labs to be a part of your family!
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We also have Cavalier King Charles Spaniels on the way. click the link to go to the website.

We have teamed up with BAXTER & Bella to help train families to have a better puppy experience.  

Use code: ARKANSASLABS for 25% off. Click the link for more information.

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If you are from out of town the Holiday Inn Express is 7ish miles away. Ask for the Arkansas Labs rate and you can get a room for $84 plus tax. 
Have them check the binder not their system.
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