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   Arkansas Labs

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              Updated June 18, 2017

We have beautiful AKC labrador puppies of every shade. 
We have white, black, charcoal, chocolate, champagne, and silver labrador puppies 
 This site is updated with the latest photos and the list of who is available. Photos are taken weekly and posted as soon as possible. 
Little Rock, Ar

Please check out the Puppy Checklist page under More up in the top right for the most common puppy questions .

Like my Arkansas Labs Facebook page for more pictures and updates

To see pictures of my babies I've made a page for each litter. Look under More in the top right corner and click on the mother's name 
Every puppy will be microchipped at 6 weeks. The fee is $25. That is for the microchip and having it registered. It will be registered in your name after you pick up your puppy. This will help insure the safety of your new puppy! Cash only on pickup day

New guidelines for puppy pick up. I will set the time for you to be here. If you are not able to be here at the scheduled time, you will have to pick from photos. I will do everything  I can to help in this process. 
                                                         CASH ONLY ON PICK UP DAY 

Brooke and Greyson had 13 silver labrador puppies. 9 males and 4 females. Ready in 7 weeks. We have 7 silver male labrador puppies available and 3 silver female labrador puppies available. Individual puppy pictures are in the top right corner under More and then click on Brooke. Pickup day will be July 15-16 

Silver male
1st SOLD Zuplo  9 am
2nd SOLD Scherm 10 am
3rd pick SOLD 11 am Adcock 
4th pick 12:00
5th pick 1:00
6th pick 2:00 or we can start pick up on Sunday morning at 10:00
7th pick 3:00
8th pick 4:00
9th pick 5:00

1st sold  9:30 am WOOD
2nd available 10:30am
3rd available   11:30am
4th available   12:30pm

Biscuit and Denver snow white labrador puppies. English type labradors. Born May 21, 2017 Ready in 7 weeks. . Pick up will be July 8, 2017. Individual puppy pictures are in the top right corner under More and then click on Biscuit.

1st        SOLD         9:00 am  Branch
2nd available     10:00
3rd avaiable       11:00
4th available      12:00

1st SOLD Stuck   9:30
2nd SOLD Stuck  9:30
3rd SOLD Smith   10:30

Skye and Koufax had 3 silver females, 2 charcoal females, 3 charcoal males Ready
 July 22, 2017.  These babies will be english type. Both parents are pretty laid back. Individual puppy pictures are in the top right corner under More and then click on Skye babies.

1st pick silver  sold **Smith   9:00
2nd pick silver                        10:00
3rd pick silver                         11:00
1st pick charcoal                    12:00
2nd pick charcoal                    1:00

1st pick charcoal SOLD **Yokley  9:00
2nd pick charcoal                      10:30
3rd pick charcoal                       11:30

Aspen and Denver had 4 white males and 4 white females. English type labrador babies. They were born June 12, 2017. They are beautiful snow white babies. Pick up day is 
July 29,2016. Individual puppy pictures are in the top right corner under More and then click on Aspen babies
First pick female  SOLD 

Emery and Koda had 7 beautiful babies. 2 charcoal, black, silver, and yellow/champagne(I will be testing her) Black male. Ready in 7 weeks. They will be ready July 31, 2017. Koda hunts and Emery comes from a champion bloodline. 
FEMALES                                                        MALES
black  SOLD     GOODSON                         silver male SOLD     ADOCK

silver                                                               black male  SOLD     Kelley
first pick charcoal SOLD Buckley 
second pick charcoal 

Neemah and Koda all silver litter Due first of Aug. These babies are going to be beautiful!
1st pick SOLD Price
2nd pick SOLD Buckley

We are also have our first Labradoodle litter. Individual puppy pictures are in the top right corner under More and then click on Labradoodle.
 Chocolate female SOLD
available puppies
chocolate male
black male
2 parti chocolate/white male
2 parti black/white males
1 parti black and white female 

                                         *********Planned breeding for 2017*********

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