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   Arkansas Labs

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AKC silver labradors male

We have beautiful AKC labrador puppies of every shade. 
We have white, black, charcoal, chocolate, champagne, and silver labrador puppies 
 This site is updated with the latest photos and the list of who is available. Photos are taken weekly and posted as soon as possible. 
Little Rock, Ar

AVAILABLE PUPPIES:  upcoming color spots open for champagne males, silver males, and silver females
Brooke/Koda-champagne, silver
Skye/Koda-silver, champagne
Shade/ Hercules- silver, charcoal 

To find the current litter pictures put your mouse on Puppies at the top. If you are on your phone click on the Puppies then follow directions when you get to the page.

Like my Arkansas Labs Facebook page for more pictures and updates

Every puppy will be microchipped at 6 weeks. The fee is now included in the deposit.  The deposit is $235. $200 goes towards the puppy and $35 is for the microchip and it's registration. It will be registered in your name after you pick up your puppy. This will help insure the safety of your new puppy!
 Deposits are non-refundable only movable before 4 weeks of age.

Cash only on pickup day 

New guidelines for puppy pick up. I will set the time for you to be here. If you are not able to be here at the scheduled time, you will have to pick from photos. I will do everything  I can to help in this process. CASH ONLY ON PICK UP DAY 

Brooke and Koda will have puppies around the middle of June. They will mostly be champagne with a few silver. The babies will be really smart and just beautiful.  The champagne's will be very light to medium yellow. Koda tends to have very light yellow babies. Hercules is Brooke's Uncle.

Ar labs 1st pick. If one is very light yellow
2nd pick Dinapoli NV
3rd pick Hutchinson AR
1st pick open

1st pick open
2nd pick open
1st pick sold Walker LA

Koda and Skye will have mostly  silver and some champagne litter due around the first of July. They are both clear on full panel of genetic testing. Around the 4th of July ready middle Aug.

1st pick available
2nd pick available 

1st pick available 
2nd pick available 

Nike and Jost had 5 chocolate puppies! 1 Male 4 Females. Both parents very thick English with a double coat. Born April 27,2018. Pick up will be  June 9th.

1st pick sold Helm                          10:00
2nd pick sold Wright MS               1:00
3rd pick sold Wright MS
4th pick sold Eary AR                     2:00

1st pick sold BELL           10:30

yellow lab female

Denali and cash babies are on the way. They are due the first of June. They will be ready for pickup middle July. This will be an all white litter with little to no color at all. I'll post past puppies pictures at the top. Click on Denali's name under Puppies.

1st pick female sold Helm
2nd pick sold Buschojost
 sold Metcalf 
3rd sold Patel
4th sold Suhre IL

1st pick sold Fredrich
2nd pick sold Lara
3rd picksold Paulk

We have Shade and Hercules puppies on the way due the middle of July ready the end of July. This litter will a silver and charcoal litter. 

Charcoal male
1st pick sold HELD OK
Silver male
1st pick open

Charcoal female
1st pick sold Worley KS
Silver female
1st pick open

Aspen and Denver will have an all white litter. Due July 24. Ready to go home Sept 9 shipping around Sept 18. The is an english white litter.

1st pick SOLD Kensek TN 
2nd pick SOLD Pierce AR

1st pick open
2nd pick open

Onyx and Hercules will have black charcoal chocolate silver puppies. They are due around July 24. Ready to go home around Sept 9. Shipping Sept. 18. This will be beautiful block head puppies.  

silver SOLD Prewitt TN
charcoal SOLD Worley KS

silver SOLD Carpenter KS
charcoal SOLD Alvarado
black SOLD French AR
chocolate SOLD Bahena AR

                                          *******Planned litters for 2018***********
Please understand these are just estimates of when puppies will be here. I will never make a promise to have you a puppy by a certain date if they are not bred yet. Once they are bred I can give you an accurate due date and when they will be going home. It is 16 weeks from the week they are bred to the week they can go home, 9 weeks of gestation & 7 weeks old when they go home. So from the time they first come in heat we are looking at 17 weeks until puppies would be going home. I'll list the months they should be coming in heat.
As of today5.22.18 none of the pairings listed below will have puppies going home before the middle of September 2018  Deposits can be moved to another litter if the timing is looking like it's not going to work out before puppies turn 4 weeks old. I'm more then willing to work with you to make sure the timing is right for your family to have one of my puppies. 
Kelli Clark
Biscuit/Denver any time now- late summer white: 1st pick female sold Patel AZ, 2nd sold Suhre IL pending Denali's litter
Oakley/Hercules any time now- Chocolate, Silver, 
Jules/Koda   July:  silver: 1st pick male sold Ibos
Lux/Hercules Silver

* Your DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE only moveable to another litter. NO EXPEPTIONS. And only if it is done before 4 weeks of ageAfter 4 weeks old and you decide not to get the puppy you have broken the contract and will lose your deposit. You are welcome to come out in person so see the puppies if you are not sure. I promise to be fair and make sure you have the perfect baby!

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