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What Food Should You Feed Your Puppy?

Choosing the right food to feed your new puppy is crucial to their overall health and well-being and something that should be done with careful thought and consideration.

This is one of the many reasons why we choose to feed our dogs and proudly recommend TLC Whole Life Dog Food. Delivering the ultimate balance of quality meats, animal fats, vitamins and minerals, TLC Whole Life Dog Food provides everything your puppy needs to develop into a strong, healthy and energetic dog.

For a complete list of ingredients and how they benefit your puppy please visit:

Why Choose TLC Pet Food?

  • Premium quality pet food, made using wholesome, natural ingredients
  • Delivered fresh and delivered FREE to your door
  • No risk, money-back guarantee
  • Schedule using Autoship and never worry about running out of food!

Never Worry About Running Out of Pet Food

TLC is sold exclusively online and delivers their pet food for FREE, anywhere in Canada and the U.S. Using the convenience of Autoship, you can schedule your puppy’s food deliveries according to their needs! You can change, adjust and cancel Autoship anytime, giving you the flexibility you need as your puppy grows.

I will extend your health guarantee to 2 years if you keep them on TLC food and Nuvet supplements.

Click on the bags to order food for your new family member. The some great thing about this food is it is made fresh every 2 weeks, also you don't have to feed them as much because it is packed with everything your puppies needs without fillers like other food companies. You can feed your puppy either the Puppy food or make it easy and feed All life stages. I'm feeding the puppy food right now.
Feeding instructions:
puppies that are 0-3 months need
6-8lbs   1 cup/day              cost $0.55 a day
9-10lbs 1.25 cups/day         cost $0.72 a day
11-13lbs  1.75 cups/day         cost $0.93 a day

Seeing Through the Hype, the Truth About “Grain-Free”

Pet owners are more exposed than ever to fast-changing views and attitudes about what should or shouldn’t be included in their pet’s food and have taken a more active role when it comes to their pet’s health and nutrition.

While high-quality nutrition and wholesome, natural ingredients in pet food are something TLC has fully embraced since its founding in 1994; there’s a lot of hype and misinformation out there, leading to confusion. Rather than dispelling myths, some commercial brands will further exploit misunderstandings by reinforcing them.

Here at TLC, we remain committed to offering only the best available premium quality pet food, and aim to meet the wants and needs of our customers and the market.

An example of these trends having an impact on the pet food market is the on-going push for “grain-free” products. There are certainly pets out there who have legitimate allergies and sensitivities to grain products, but the idea that all grains are bad and that “grain-free is best”, is simply not true.

Our Whole Life Puppy, Dog and Cat Food include vitamin and mineral-rich whole grains like whole brown rice, barley, oatmeal, flaxseed and millet; chosen for their incredible health benefits. “Grain-Free” products are often forced to replace whole grains with high-protein, plant-based substitutes, leading to the reduction of  higher-quality meat-based protein OR unnaturally high protein levels.

Keep this in mind should you have a puppy parent ask about “grain-free” products. So long as their puppy is not exhibiting signs of an allergy; TLC has everything needed to provide a solid nutritional foundation, grains included!

You can start auto ship and never worry about running out of food. 

Here are some answers to some questions.

Q. I’m not sure how often I should have my puppy’s food delivered.


Puppies will eat more frequently when they are experiencing growth spurts. Autoship lets you make adjustments as your puppy grows. Start with an Autoship schedule based on your breeder’s recommendation and change it anytime by logging into your TLC account.

Q. We travel during winter months, what would I do about Autoship deliveries while we’re away?


You can have your Autoship deliveries shipped FREE anywhere in the contiguous United States and most Canadian provinces. Simply change your shipping information prior to leaving and change it back when you return!

Q. What happens if I end up receiving too much or too little food?


If you realize you’re running out of food or you have too much food, log into your TLC account and adjust your schedule. You can also stop your Autoship deliveries anytime and can set it up again once you’ve gone through the extra food. You can also contact TLC’s Pet Service Team anytime at 1-877-328-8400 or if you have any questions or want help with your Autoship schedule.