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He is our silver male. Love this big guy! This boy is so sweet and smart. He did great at duck school and ready to work. Koda weighs 90lbs. His color type is Eebbdd

Disease Gene Genotype Interpretation

*Centro nuclear myopathy PTPLA WT/WT clear/Normal 

*Cystinuria (Labrador Retriever type) SLC3A1 WT/WT clear/Normal

*Degenerative myelopathy SOD1 WT/WT clear/Normal

*Progressive retinal atrophy, Progressive rod-cone degenerationPRCD WT/WT clear/Normal  

*Skeletal dysplasia 2 COL11A2 WT/WT clear/Normal 

*EIC exercise-induced collapse clear/Normal

*Retinal dysplasia/Oculoskeletal dysplasia 1 RD/OSD clear/ normal

Wes is a Koda son and they act and look so much alike. He is cleared by parentage on genetic testing. His color coat type is EeBbdd


Tundra is our new white male. He is still just a big puppy. He's such a sweetheart with a beautiful head. eeBBDD. We can now add Tundra to our growing list of male with a outstanding Champion pedigree 

Disease Gene Genotype Interpretation

*Centro nuclear myopathy clear/Normal 

*Degenerative myelopathy  clear/Normal

*Hereditary nasal parakeratosis clear/normal

*Hereditary nasal parakeratosis   Normal 

*Progressive retinal atrophy, Progressive rod-cone degeneration PRCD  Normal

*skeletal dysplasia 2 COL11A2 T Normal