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     People often think of breeders and kennels as something bad. There are good and there are bad, just like everything else in this world. It is up to you as the consumer to find the good. I can guarantee you ever question you could ask is listed here on my website. I want all information to be in writing, so if you take the time to read it, it's there. I love what I do. If you could see all the smiles and puppy love I get to see when people are here, you would love it also. As the people are leaving with their adorable puppy they have no clue the hours of time taking photos, the cleaning, and loss of sleep that went into that one puppy. I put lot of thought into each and every breeding. We have genetic testing on every dog we have here, so your pup will not suffer from things you've never even heard of. I have to know my dogs inside and out. I will know what color each breeding will produce and why. The endless debating who to use with who to get the colors I need that will sell the best in 3 months from now. The tons of paperwork for AKC. Keeping check of who is in heat and who isn't. So basically trying to make plans and Mother Nature is in the background laughing. I spend hours on my website and facebook updating pictures. It takes hours to just get photos from just one litter. For every 1 good picture you see, there was 20 that didn't work. Then the time to upload them to the different locations. So if you hear Please go to my website and look at the photos there, it's not because I don't want to communicate. Most of the time I don't have them in my phone. It saves time for everyone having you do that. We also have the sleepless nights of checking the momma's every couple hours for a week around the time she's due. Then the sleepless night delivering the puppies that 98% of the time it will start just when I'm about to fall asleep lol. You also will never know the heartache of loosing a puppies when they are perfect just stillborn, or mom accidentally laying on them or they pass after a few days for some odd reason. It's heartbreaking! My husband and I are fortunate enough to be able to do this full time. But that means we work at this 24/7 not 9-5. I am not telling you all of this to complain about my job. Like I said earlier I love my job. Yes, we do make money at our job. This is NOT a job you want to do for free. I think most people want to get paid for the work they due lol. But a lot goes back into our dogs so they are comfortable and happy. I think it shows in our puppies. I do believe there should be good breeders in the world. When I get a dog I want to know their temperament, how big they will get, the question of will this puppy have genetic problems. As the consumer you are the ones that can put the bad breeders out of business simply by doing your homework. Ask for testing, pictures of the parents read their reviews. If their isn't any, then it means they didn't mean enough to the consumer to tell people about them. When getting one of our puppies you will know those answers, how my adorable and healthy my puppies are and how I help my families find their family member or best friend. If you choose an Arkansas Labs puppy to be a part of your family you are now a part of ours.

Thank you for considering us! Please read the reviews below I don't think our families have regretted it.
Kelli Clark

Reviews from Facebook and Google.

Angelia Triche Rogers 

We purchased a puppy from Arkansas Labs last year. Our vet was impressed with all the testing that is done on the parents and we have been nothing but pleased with the health and behavior of our silver lab Cooper. Any time we had questions, we contacted Kelli and she answered us right away. Would very much recommend Arkansas Labs to anyone looking to purchase a good quality lab puppy....(Skye and Koda puppy)

Angelia Triche Rogers   

Shelby Rzansa
I recently got to take home my puppy, Charlie, and he already has my heart. He is a beautiful dog and is already so smart. I highly recommend Arkansas Labs to anyone looking to add a new furry family member! Gorgeous dogs and the breeder is so sweet!
Mira ans Koda puppy

Derek Whitney Unbelievable dog. Thank you Arkansas Labs

Natalie Carter The BEST ever!!!! Greatest Dogs hands down🙌🏻 Johnny & Gracie- Our Sydney is at Grandma’s- 💚🐾💚

Patti Helmer Lyons Kelli is Awesome and we ❤️ our beautiful Arkansas Lab, Mia Evangeline. We drove from Louisiana to get her! She’s now 4, smart and Beautiful! It was a great experience!

Jason Buschjost Our Bentley just turned one. She has been awesome. Nothing but a great experience with Arkansas Labs.

Robert Guadamuz Our Arkansas silver lab turned 1 today and couldn't be more happy with Bentley thank you for what you do I would recommend anyone to get a pup from you. Up here from Michigan

April Walker Our Maverick just turned 3 and has more personality than he knows what to do with!! Love Arkansas Labs!

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Our dog Luna just had her second birthday. She's beautiful, happy, healthy, and fun.

I'm East Coast but I researched Kelli and Arkansas Labs when looking for a Silver Lab. Kelli answered my questions--and I had a lot. She arranged to ship the puppy on a flight. I didn't want to chance the dog getting stuck, so I flew out to pick her up instead.

I was picked up at the airport, taken to lunch in Little Rock since I've never been to Arkansas, and got to see the Kelli's whole operation--dogs, horses, family... Kelli has a lot of dogs--this is a business not one-litter breeder--but it's still a family operation. They have their own kennels, a birthing facility, and a few dogs come in the house. The grounds and kennels are extremely well kept.

I've looked at a lot of breeders, and Arkansas Labs is top-level.  They have a variety of labs (mine is a silver lab)--chocolate, white, silver. There are also labradoodles.

I had a wonderful experience picking up the dog and getting rock star treatment. I wouldn't hesitate to get another dog from Arkansas Labs.

Ashley Puckett

Arkansas Labs was a dream to work with. Healthy pups, Clean facility, very knowledgeable! I am so glad we found you. Love our fox red lab!

Cherry Dias

Very well managed kennels with plenty of yard room and doggy doors to escape harsh weather. Great quality Labradors! DNA tested for defects. Clean, healthy, happy pups.

Couldn’t be happier with the pup I got and the  professionalism of the breeder.  Pup was from Skye x Koda and is incredibly smart and well tempered.  He has been a fast learner with every task I’ve put before him.   I highly recommend the quality dogs produced from Arkansas Labs.

Tom Porterfield
Local Guide · 64 reviews · 5 photos
9 months ago
It was evident from our first contact with Kelli that she seeks to provide quality pups and to provide a good experience. We could not be happier with the process and are completely satisfied (totally in love with) our pup. Kelli is very responsive to any questions we have had in the process.

Laura Stout
6 months ago
Absolutely love our Koda baby, Hoss, from Arkansas Labs! He’s almost a year old and is a sweet, smart and loving boy! He’s already an excellent fisher, deer antler tracker and deer blood tracking dog! He constantly has a smile on his face and ready to go! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Stephen Fulton
Absolutely amazing Dogs. Our dog Star is amazing, tentative with the kids obedient for all of us, extremely eager to please, and Beautiful.

Cody Adcock
I can't thank Kelli at Arkansas labs enough! I just got my sliver lab from her and he is an amazing dog. She was extremely helpful throughout the entire process and was always there to answer any questions I had. She made my selection process 1000x easier and I will be definitely be using her in the future for any labs I get. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to get a lab!

Courtney Smith
2 years ago
Got a BEAUTIFUL yellow silver-factored male from Kelli last year, and picking up our silver female in July. Definitely would recommend Arkansas Labs to anyone looking for beautiful smart labs. By far the best communication and she even met us (more than half way on her part) so we didn't have to travel as far. 👍  👍  👍  

Angie Dischinger
We LOVE Arkansas Labs!  We just picked up our second puppy and she is so adorable.   Our first male lab is gorgeous and very healthy.   Kelli, owner, goes out of her way to be accommodating and helpful. She takes excellent care of the puppies.   She explains the genetic blood lines, and other health records and documentation for her labs.  She's very knowledgeable and resourceful.  Our labs are well behaved and beautiful dogs. Both have great temperament. Thanks Arkansas Labs!

Lily Nye
2 years ago
We have two beautiful labs from Arkansas labs, both from the same litter, and we will most definitely continue to get our labs from them! They're gorgeous, healthy puppies and have the greatest personalities!!

Amy G
These labs are very well cared for and GORGEOUS!! They have a nice set up with puppy and whelping barns too. We got our silver lab baby this weekend and love love love him!! Thanks Arkansas Labs! 😊

Lacey King
I bought a charcoal lab from this site in February. After searching for lab puppies on Facebook I was redirected to this website. The website was so easy to follow, so informative, and gave wonderful descriptions of each dog. The process was so simple and after visiting the owners place, it was evident that she really takes *excellent care of her dogs. They may seem expensive at times but these puppies are worth the money. My lab is so gentle with my little bitty dog, so smart, absolutely beautiful, and cuddles all the time. I couldn't ask for a better dog

Ed Willis
Just bought my first registered dog.  It is a significant investment so I wanted to make sure I got a good dog.  I purchased a white male Lab.  He is awesome.  Arkansas Labs is a first class breeder!  All the dogs are healthy, happy and very well kept.  Every aspect is top notch.  The kennels are well kept and maintained at a very high level.  I can only imagine the amount of work required to maintain them.  Every dog I interacted with was well behaved and friendly.  Not sure how they spend that much time with each dog, they smother you with love!  The liter I chose my dog from was from a beautiful white male and female.  The male was beautiful, but the female was beautiful and the best temperament you could want.  I know my dog will be a pleasure to own!  If you are looking for a breeder who has awesome dogs and is a delight to work with, Arkansas Labs is the best.  Four more weeks till I get to bring my dog, Samson, home!

Nunya Business
It was such a pleasant experience. I live in California. And she provided updated pictures along the wait time. So I felt I was involved deeply in the process. She answered all my questions. And when came time to pickup the puppy; I selected the shipping option. When the puppy arrived instant love connection. She is very well behaved for a puppy and started using pee pads within 24 hours of getting her. I will definitely seek her assistance when I am puppy shopping again. Beautiful dogs!!!!

Max Davis
2 years ago
I LOVE Arkansas Labs!  My vet is recommending Kelli now all the way from Florida! I picked up my first puppy and he is so pretty in October. His parents are Nike and Koufax. Moose is gorgeous and very healthy.   Kelli, owner, goes out of her way to be accommodating and helpful. She takes excellent care of the puppies 5 star.  She explains the genetic blood lines, and other health records and documentation for her labs.  She's very knowledgeable and resourceful.  Our labs are well behaved and beautiful dogs. Both have great temperament. She is a 5 star breeder. She is very diligent about who she allows to buy her puppies to make sure they get a great home.  Thanks Arkansas Labs all the way from Pensacola, FL.

Lachelle Meir July 2019
We got a yellow lab as a birthday present for our 4 year old daughter. She is absolutely precious. Great experience. Easy to contact, responds quickly and very helpful.

Mike Milazzo  recommends Arkansas Labs.
April 13 · 
I picked my pup soon after he was born.. I just knew...heck hes not even here yet.. but I pick him at in Anchorage after this weekend.. we cant wait!! gotta say... interacting with Kelly at Arkansas Labs has been a real treat.. their whole family is obviously in love with labradors.. and their stock of beautiful mamas and poppas..make a whole bunch of dog lovings family happy..Were going to make a Alaskan Lab out of our Arkansas Lab...WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!

Lawrence Labert

Arkansas Labs is a great choice for purchasing a beloved companion. This breeder can be trusted for raising quality, healthy puppies. Making the choice to choose a quality and health conscious breeder is always the right one.

Matt and Jan Chushing-These people are serious about the health of their dogs! I had to wear shoe covers just to step inside a kennel. With their standards and upkeep, along with vet visits etc, you can guarantee yourself that you’ve made a good decision and your puppy will be healthy. I bought a labradoodle 6 months ago and upon my initial visit to my own vet he reassured me that my sweet girl was healthy, no fleas, no worms in her stool. She takes her daily vitamin that was recommended by the breeder and we’ve not had even a single health issue, not even an upset stomach. Not only do they care about their animals they also care about the homes they’re going to. They gave me suggestions that were very helpful and then told me if I had questions down the road that I could always reach out....and I did....and they still showed care and concern about my questions as well as my Catherine Jane ❤️. The breeders are very friendly people and they produce the most sweet hearted, well natured puppies. After experiencing their care, I would be apprehensive about purchasing anywhere else. I give them the highest recommendation possible!

Cherry Diaz-Very well managed kennels with plenty of yard room and doggy doors to escape harsh weather. Great quality Labradors! DNA tested for defects. Clean, healthy, happy pups.

Carla Alexander
Kelli and Ken were absolutely amazing, helping us pick the perfect puppy. We got a labradoddle and he is gorgeous and the sweetest dog ever. By far the best facility I have ever seen! You can tell all of their dogs and puppies are loved very much and well taken care of.  I definitely recommend Arkansas Labs for your next fur baby. You won’t be disappointed!

Caitlyn Rogers
Our family purchased a lab from Arkansas Labs and we could not be happier! Cooper (formerly Carter) is hands down the best lab puppy we have ever had (Koda x Skye puppy). He is super smart, great tempered, and wonderful with other animals and children. We are very pleased with him and the owners are Arkansas Labs are 

Dayton Myers  recommends Arkansas Labs.
July 4 at 2:09 PM 
We got our black lab Kody, formerly Gunner, from Arkansas Labs back in September of 2016. We couldn’t be any happier with him and he has had perfect health. I 100% recommend getting your AKC labs from them.

Natalie Carter  recommends Arkansas Labs.
April 2 · 2019
I have purchased 3 Labrador’s from Arkansas Labs- my dogs are Top of the Line pure bred puppies. This Breeder cares and it shows. I have searched all over the US and researched before buying my dogs. The Dogs are a true testament themselves- the Breeder is so professional and caring it shows in her Dogs.

David Raby    recommends Arkansas Labs

We got a white English lab from Arkansas labs and he is truly amazing. I was very nervous about buying a dog sight unseen but Arkansas labs worked with us to get exactly lab we were looking for. We live in Anchorage Alaska and it is very dog friendly city. Normally we look in the city animal shelter and rescue groups for a new family member but there are no dogs to be had here. The dogs are adopted almost as fast as they come in. I was looking for a large, laid back animal for my mother, who is a veteran and has Parkinson disease. We found a VA approved non profit group that would train a dog with the right temperament. Our neighbor two doors down bought a Silver lab from Arkansas labs. Bullet is a sweet tempered, smart and energetic boy, who love to fetch, and whom the whole neighborhood has fallen in love with. After checking out Arkansas lab's web sight and face book page, we gave them a call to see if they could help us out. Our boy Bandit is everything we asked for and more. My family gives Arkansas labs a 5!

P.S. Bandit has claimed my four year old as his person and we are talking to Arkansas labs for another lab.