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Limited Health Guarantee and Sales Contract

This document constitutes a legally binding contract, entered into between the purchaser and Arkansas Labs. The parties believe it is in their mutual interest to provide for an orderly disposition of their interests upon the happening of certain events; now, therefore and for and in consideration of the mutual covenants given by each party to this guarantee and other good and valuable consideration, it is agreed as follows:

Arkansas Labs hereby provides the limited health guarantee regarding puppy against genetic diseases and congenital defects within the first year of life. Arkansas Labs does not guarantee this dog’s hips against any form of dysplasia, which is attributable to non-genetic causes. We do not guarantee size, temperament, color or fertility. Seller does not guarantee against coat problems, hypoglycemia, or any other common health issues such as diarrhea, eye defects including, but not limited to, entropion, cherry eyes, which are common to the breed. Nor do we guarantee against ear mites, allergies or skin problems. Your new puppy is guaranteed to be free of any visible signs of viruses when they leave Arkansas Labs’ facilities. Although we have done everything we can to prevent these things: parasites, worms, coccidia, kennel cough & giardia are a common problem in animals, especially young puppies, and can be easily treated. All those listed can be brought on by stress and sometimes don’t show up until they are stressed, like when they leave our place; therefore these are excluded from this guarantee. Any and all vet bills incurred for treatments pertaining to the purchased puppy will be your responsibility. No legal action will be taken for re-imbursement of vet bills or supplies pertaining to the puppy even if the puppy qualifies for the 3 day replacement or 12 month replacement.

In order for this guarantee to be triggered, a certified veterinarian must examine the puppy within 72 hrs of its arrival at their new destination and copies need to be sent to Arkansas Labs. Failure to do so will result in any claim asserted being denied. Any claims of health problems that my result in death must be reported to Arkansas Labs immediately. Any claims for a replacement puppy made outside the 72hrs will be denied.

This guarantee will be terminated immediately if the puppy is not examined within the allotted time. Buyer understands that slight genetic defects that are not considered life threatening and therefore will not be covered: umbilical hernia, undescended testicle, under/overbite etc... Buyer understands that replacement option is only valid when health problems are attributed to a hereditary problem that is a LIFE THREATENING illness and not due to accident or contagious and/or other illness. Buyer understands that any and all guarantee will expire when the puppy reaches 1 year of age or 2 years of age if NuVet and TLC food are given along with proof of healthy weight from their vet. Arkansas Labs will provide the purchaser with a puppy of equal value from another litter but under no circumstances will there be any monetary compensation.

Also this guarantee shall become null and void if the puppy is given any vaccinations within 10 days of their last shot. 

If Buyer qualifies for a replacement puppy, the original Buyer must return all AKC registration papers to Arkansas Labs, if full breeding rights where purchased. Along with copies of all Veterinary records of illness/defects from licensed veterinary clinic.

If Buyer qualifies for a replacement, Buyer can choose a new puppy of equal value and of same gender and color. Buyer will be responsible for the shipping of a new puppy. Seller will not be held responsible for further costs. This is a one-time replacement.


A warranty for Hip Dysplasia is provided for 26 months after the date of birth. This warranty will be terminated should the dog be allowed to become overweight or their developing joints be over stressed by exercise at any point during the warranty period. If any hip problems are noticed, have your vet submit your dog’s X-ray to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) for their evaluation and send us a copy of the report. Should the dog be found to have Hip Dysplasia due to genetic disease, within its first 26 months, the purchaser must provide Arkansas Labs with proof. We reserve the right to confirm the results before a replacement puppy is provided. If the price of the replacement pup is greater than the original pup purchased, the purchaser will pay the difference. The purchaser will assume the transportation expenses of another pup. The purchaser will also keep the original pup.


The purchaser agrees to maintain this puppy in good health, provide routine preventative health care including, but not limited to, inoculation, internal and external parasites, annual preventative medication and be micro chipped before the puppy is 6 months old. Veterinary records must be provided to sellers if requesting a replacement. If any of the above preventative care has not been provided, health warranty will be void. It is the goal of Arkansas Labs to assure our puppies are given the best nutritional care possible. Therefore, we require that your puppy be supplemented with “NuVet Plus Canine”. NuVet is a highly reputable company that produces an excellent product. “ Nuvet Plus Canine” contains the very best human grade natural ingredients, to ensure a complete, healthy diet for your dog.

NuVet Ordering Information:

Phone # 1-800-474-7044

*It is very important to enter the correct order code so we have records of your purchases. NuVet sends us a monthly report, therefore, it is not necessary to keep up with your receipts, we do that for you.

Note: Our health guarantee becomes null and void if we do not have records of your dog being kept on NuVet for at least the first 2 years of life. This period is critical for their development and long-term health.

When the following requirements are met, this guarantee will be in effect and honored by Arkansas Labs.

  1. A copy of the findings from OFA must be sent to us for our records.
  1. A letter from your vet, on his stationary, identifying the dog, stating that it has been NEUTERED or SPAYED.
  1. Your dog has been kept on NuVet Plus vitamin supplements

At this point, when we are satisfied that a problem does exist, the animal has not been bred and has been neutered or spayed, we will give you another pup of like or similar breeding.


Deposit and Payment:

All deposits are non-refundable. We require a $100 deposit to hold a puppy. Arkansas Labs reserves the right to first pick out of any litter at any time. Final picks must be chosen by or before the week the puppies turn 7 weeks old. We will care for your pup for up to 8 weeks of age without charge. There will be a boarding fee at “Current Market Price” thereafter.


When shipping is required, it is at the purchaser’s expense. All Puppies will have their first vaccinations; will have been wormed at 3, 5 and 7 weeks. If a puppy must be returned all shipping and transportation costs are at the expense of the buyer. Arkansas Labs cannot guarantee against any type of exposure to coccidia, giardia, or parvo once the puppy leaves our care. Please make sure you discuss option of care with your flight nanny. I suggest you purchase a new carry-on soft crate that your puppy is shipped in and a new water dish. They use the same one time after time for each trip, which can expose them to numerous things. Also be aware it is stressful for a puppy to leave their home, especially when traveling by airplane or car all day. It is common for diarrhea to occur. You can help their stressed systems by adding plain canned pumpkin to their food and giving them plain yogurt or cottage cheese. NuVet is also very important to help boost their immune system. Sometimes further medicine needs to be given like panacur (Amazon) for 5 days or flagly(Vet) to help relieve diarrhea.

*The buyer agrees to maintain the dog in a humane environment and to properly train and care for the dog. If you are unable to care for puppy you are able to surrender the puppy to Arkansas Labs with proof the puppy has been properly vaccinated while in your care. Under no circumstances shall Arkansas Labs be liable to the purchaser or to any third party for any consequential, accidental or special damages resulting from or in manner related to the puppy/dog. Upon receipt of the puppy all veterinary care and its associated costs are the sole and exclusive responsibility of the purchaser.

Final Note to Buyer:

*Your puppy has been selectively bred for excellent quality, health, soundness, intelligence and good temperament. Your puppy has been on a vaccination and de-worming schedule here. Please take the vaccination information we provide to your veterinarian. It is very important to continue the vaccination and de-worming regimen for your puppy and don’t forget annual boosters after that, the puppy will need follow-up vaccines, de-worming, flea control, rabies shots and heartworm prevention as recommended by your vet. Do not expose your puppy to other dogs that you are unsure have been vaccinated until a minimum of 4 vaccinations have been received at 16 weeks of age. This includes trips to stores like PetSmart and dog parks. Certain diseases like Parvo can be carried on shoes!! Buyer needs to sign contract for guarantee to be valid, failure to sign voids any and all liability and guarantees made by Arkansas Labs.

Arkansas Labs Bill of Sale/Guarantee of Good Health

Purchase Price:


Balance Due:

Breed: Labrador

Birth Date:



Name of Sire:

Name of Dam:

This guarantee represents the entire understanding of the Parties hereto. There are no oral agreements, understandings, or representations made by any party to this agreement that are outside of this agreement and are not expressly stated in it.

Arkansas Labs

Kelli Clark


               Kelli Clark               

Kelli Clark

Everything listed and mentioned above in this contract is legal and binding.

By signing below, you the Purchaser agree that you have thoroughly read and understand the entire written contract and information regarding puppy

AKC#                        and agree to abide by its entirety.

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