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We worked hard the summer of 2018 on our new puppy barn. We converted our horse barn into more room for puppies. It has made my life so much easier! I just wanted to share some pictures to show the care we put into raising our puppies. Each kennel has a doggie door that leads to the cover porches outside so they can go potty. By the time they leave they are very good about knowing outside. Most of our dogs are able to be in a yard full time for playing and companionship with other dogs even my males. The ones that are not are kept in a 8x16 kennel or 16x16 kennel and get yard time for playing. They are both sweet and good natured with females and people though. My others have yards to play in so they can interact with other dogs and just be able to exercise and play. The cute red building behind Moose in the picture was our first place we started using about 7 years ago. I still think it is adorable and use it for puppies I'm raising. 

                  We offer beautiful well round, family ready AKC labrador puppies. I have spent years finding the right labradors to bring into my breeding program. Every puppy we have here gets personal attention everyday. We introduce them to different sound and environments. We remove dewclaws, give several rounds of worming meds, and get them vet checked with first shots at 6 weeks. They are kept in a heated and cooled building next to our home. I have wifi video so I can watch them, even when I'm gone. As soon as they start walking they start using their doggie door to go outside to go potty. I keep their area really clean and that will help when you take them home with house breaking them. Your puppy will be never suffer from  PRDC, EIC, skeletal dysplasia 2, Hereditary nasal parakeratosis, Degenerative myelopathy, and Centronuclear myopathy. Thanks for considering us to be a part of your family. 

Arkansas Labs


This dog is guaranteed to be in good health, to the best of my knowledge at the time of this sale, and has had initial inoculations against distemper, hepatitis, para/parvo virus and received worming.  The buyer has 72hours from day of purchase in which to have the dog checked by a licensed veterinarian, and is urged to do so.  If in this time frame, mortality should happen to the above mentioned puppy, the cause of which is clearly hereditary in nature (this does not include presence of parasites/bacteria), then return the AKC papers and a puppy replacement/refund will be given (breeder's choice) when there is an available comparative litter, or money refund for THREE DAY guarantee of mortality, provided a letter from the examining veterinarian is offered as proof of life threatening illness.  It is agreed and understood that any exchanges must be made within the three day guarantee period. 


The seller assumes no responsibility for this dog after leaving premises for; medical expense, mortality, landlord’s disapproval, allergic reaction to the dog, kids are scared and or disagreements with family, behavioral-training difficulties, mistreatment of dog, accidental poisoning or trauma to dog, re-growth of dewclaws or for any other reason, no monetary refund will be given for this puppy (other than what is stated in the three day guarantee)

Guarantee is void if your puppy is not on NuVet supplements. But I will extend the guarantee to 2 years if you keep your puppy on the TLC food and supplements.

Hip dysplasia; In addition this puppy is guaranteed, until one year of age for limited registration against severe crippling hip dysplasia, described by the Orthopedic Foundation of America as the seventh level of dysplasia (dysplasia so extreme that surgery or euthanasia is indicated) with your continued daily usage of NuVet hip and joint vitamins.  For this diagnosis, you must take your dog to your veterinarian and have x-rays taken of the hips.  You then must fill out a form for an OFA Preliminary Report, which your vet should have at their office.  These x-rays must be taken, dated and submitted before the dog’s age of 12 months.  If you have x-rays taken after the dog is 12 months old, then no guarantees are made for a puppy replacement/refund for this dog's hips.  The Orthopedic Foundation of America will make an informed decision within the seven levels of hip conformation.  Severe is what is covered under this contract and we must see the original OFA Preliminary (Consultation) Report.  If you fail to show us all certificates of evaluations that are requested from us for this above mentioned dog within the first year of its' life, then you void this contract with Arkansas Labs and from any and all liability to this contract now or in the future.  You must also show proof if your dog has been spayed/neutered with a signed and dated medical report.  Also a statement from two veterinarians that this puppy is not and never has been overweight for his/her bone structure, and you must supply medical records from your vet that shows us that you had your puppy visits to prove what the records show of the puppy’s weight.  We cannot be responsible for your lack of care for the over growth weight of your puppy.  Also show proof that the puppy has never had past injuries that may have caused dysplasia, and no evidence that this puppy was overstressed and or over exercised (or in the case of females) no breeding has taken place, during this important growth phase.  You must also be able to provide a time line pursuant to the age of your puppy with receipts for a quality large breed puppy food for their hips and joints.  We may also want to converse with your veterinarian verbally and would hope that they would provide us with complete information and medical history of the dog to satisfy our questions if we should have any at that time.  We also require you to return the AKC registration papers (if you have FULL registration) as well as show proof of that a spay/neuter procedure has been done on said dog, and only then will a replacement puppy of equal value (breeder's choice) be given when the next litter of comparative value is available to you after you sign the onetime replacement contract that fulfills this one-time guarantee. One year guarantee for other life threatening illnesses. This does not include incurred vet expenses. A replacement puppy will be given if puppy passed away within that year due to a genetic defect. 

This is limited to a one-time replacement and no further guarantees are made.  It is agreed and understood that no money refund will be given to you for any medical expense acquired, purchase of dog, nor travel cost, or any other costs acquired by you.  It is further understood and agreed that no warranty or representation has been made with respect to sold dog, except as set forth in writing in this agreement. 

This guarantee is valid only for original owner and is non-transferable.  No guarantee is made at time of sale regarding show, hunting, or breeding prospects of sold dog. 

 We also retain the right to refuse your deposit upon any incompatible circumstances.

Puppies that are left here on our property after 8 weeks for any reason will result in a $10.00 a day boarding fee (no exceptions) and any remaining balance due must be paid before you can take your puppy home.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at or 501-584-4693

If you are from out of town Holiday Inn Express is 7ish miles away ask for the Arkansas Labs rate and you can get a room for $84 plus tax 501-224-2600
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