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Brooke's puppy deposit


You are placing a deposit for me to hold a puppy for you. If you decide not to get the puppy you have broken the contract and deposits are not refunded for any reason. You are able to move your deposit if someting comes up and you can't get the puppy at the time the puppy is ready. You are able to the deposit to a different litter if the puppy you placed a deposit for is under 4 weeks of age. If you would would like to transfer your deposit to a different litter an additional $250 depsoit will need to be placed to secure the new spot. You are only able to move that deposit one time. Both depsoits will go towards the purchase price of the puppy.


When placing a depsoit for a certian gender and color please know that I can only tell you what colors they Can have, but no control over what gender they will have in their litter.

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